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Omega Material Handling, Inc. offers several different large and small part storage systems. Your company's size, warehouse, and product type will determine which storage styles are best for you. Not sure which type of industrial shelving is best for your company? Reach out to us, we'll come to your warehouse and determine which type of racking will work best at your facility! 


By far one of our more popular shelving styles, selective pallet racks, can be easily tailored to fit the size and shape of your warehouse. The real advantage of selective pallet racks is the fact that you can access pallets and product from the aisle-ways of your space. To set up a consultation give us a call!  

Drive - In

Drive-in pallet racking is often times used when you are trying to save space. This style of shelving allows for forklifts to make their way through aisles, also allowing them to continue stocking or pulling product. Due to its set up, drive-in racking requires a last-in/first-out product rotation. Additional questions about drive-in shelving? Contact us (513) 842-2012.

Image - Gallery - 11 - Mezzanine-floors

Is there a lot of unused vertical space in your warehouse? Why waste this space when you don't have to? Mezzanine floors are a great idea whether you are looking to add additional storage or ample work space! To see if mezzanine flooring is a good option for you, invite us out, we'll let you know our opinion. 


This type of racking is ideal for storing long and oddly shaped products; making it ideal for fabric rolls, lumber, furniture, piping, and metal framework. Unlike many other shelving systems Cantilever racking does not utilize a front column. This feature helps to increase storage space, but also makes products more easily accessible. Curious about the cost of racking like this? Our friendly office staff would be happy to help you (513) 842-2012. 

Push Back

Push back racking is a good option if you need high density, multiple product storage. This type of shelving utilizes a last-in/first-out product rotation. Rolling shelves allow pallets to be placed on the rack and as more product is placed on the rack the existing pallet is pushed to the back of the shelf.  

Pallet Flow

Pallet flow racking is another great option if you have a high density and multiple products. Pallet flow racking is similar to push back racking in the sense that products flow from place to place as more product is being put on the shelf. However, pallet flow racking ensures first-in/first-out product rotation. FIFO product rotation is a must if you have time sensitive products, such as food products or medications. 

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